Mind-Bending Stories of Freedom and Spirituality

Creative Writing Journey Through Spiritual Inquiry, Nature Exploration, and Meditation

Sparking Inspiration and Motivation Through Books

Estralia Books was started by Estralia Russell, a retired teacher whose writings are deeply rooted in passion, spirituality, nature, and, most importantly, the nature of people. Estralia’s work tries to make a difference in how others think and communicate.

How Readers Can Relate to Estralia’s Stories

Her characters struggle with consciousness and want to seek out hidden wisdom. They use their passion and determination to change old patterns and forge new paths to understand their reality.

The new knowledge they gain from their journey will educate them on the issues concerning the nature of reality. Join them on their journey of spiritual inquiry, meditation, and natural world exploration through Estralia Russell's books, like Torn.

Talk to Estralia Russell

Please send her a message to learn more about Estralia's work and inspiration. She will also be happy to discuss her creativity and thought process when writing.

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