Introduction About Estralia

Photo of Estralia Russell

Estralia is a retired teacher who has chosen to stop creating layoffs. Estralia has traveled worldwide,visiting,observing, and studying many cultures. She takes her guidance from higher intelligence, which does not have a location and lives outside of time. Some might call it the black hole or the void.

Writing adds to Estralia's life the qualities of caring, compassion, and empathy for the world around her. Her inspiration comes from understanding her interactions with nature and all life on the planet. Estralia's characters struggle with consciousness. She creates characters drawn to alternative or hidden pearls of wisdom to help educate themselves and others on issues concerning the nature of reality.

Most of Estralia's stories are about people — their passion, strength, and determination to change old life patterns, unblock obstructions, and forge new paths. Characters in Estralia's stories learn how to transform from chaos to living lives with much greater control. Estralia's writing is daring because it renders options for pondering confidential questions; makes a difference in how others think and communicate.

Estralia has returned to her passion: creative writing, exploring nature, spiritual inquiry, and meditation.