Stories of Heartbreak and Spirituality

Torn ebook Cover

Title: Torn
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Genre: Romance / Analytical Philosophy / Spirituality
Keywords: Brokenhearted, love, romance, spirituality
Heartbreak. New Opportunities. A Woman Finds Unexpected Romance.

After a brokenhearted farewell to her boyfriend Winston, Anora decides to move to Australia to get to know her long-lost biological family and herself. While there, she meets an intriguing new stranger, Hawthorne. Tall and stunning with an infectious laugh, Anora decides to give him a chance.

Although he is thousands of miles away, Winston still resides in her heart and mind, splitting her devotions in two. He asked her to wait for him while he fulfills his life’s passion, but the flame of new love piques her to new possibilities.

Meanwhile, her intense past looms over her. Can true love heal the severe wounds within her heart? If so, with whom can it be found? Does she wait loyally for Winston? Or does Hawthorne hold the key to alleviating her sorrow and unlocking her future?

Find out in this captivating romance!

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Anora is perplexed when her long-time boyfriend, Winston, announces his abrupt move to India from Germany, where he will be able to fulfill his life’s goal. He insists that coming with him is a mistake but implores her to have faith and wait for him — for two years! She expected to marry Winston. While he has made no such commitment, her heart longs for that future.

Heartbroken and dejected, she searches for a new beginning with her long-lost biological family, residing in Australia. Finally, she can get to know her roots! Not only does she become acquainted with the mother she’s never known, but siblings, aunts, and a plethora of family she’s longed for.

Meanwhile, the shadows of her past haunt her. Deep wounds envelop her heart from years of abuse and neglect. Anora wonders if she has never felt love, how will she know when she finds it?

With this new environment comes new beginnings — including love — that she never expected. Hawthorne is a stunning, tall man with an infectious laugh. He captivates her mind and her heart. However, his culture is foreign to her, leaving her to wonder if she can find unconditional love with someone so different from herself.

Nevertheless, Anora finds love! But that is only the beginning; alas, their families are full of prejudice and threaten to tear them apart. Together, against all odds, they are steadfast in their commitment to one another.

You Will Hear Book Cover

You Will Hear is an adventurous novel teeming with suspense, mystery, and intrigue. Based on actual events, the characters are drawn from real people who lived through situations much like those described in the book.

Constance McKenna, a Feng Shui designer for a major corporation in San Francisco, travels to China to attend a seminar. Her odyssey begins the moment she leaves her home on her way to the airport; mysterious and frightening events follow at a rapid pace. Her faith in herself and her belief in the powers that guide her life are tested again and again as she travels through unfamiliar places.

Estralia was viewed as weird by many of her teenage friends and, later, colleagues in her adult life. Some saw her as eccentric, dancing to the tune of a different drum. The way she spoke about people and situations was different and foreign to her peers and colleagues. She used words like energy, vibrations, and intuition to express business situations that were traditionally expressed in more “logical” business jargon. She was often asked, “What do you mean the energy didn’t look or feel right?” Estralia’s ability to see and feel the electromagnetic field surrounding people, animals, and objects inspired her to study the healing arts, where she found that she could manipulate the energy fields around people and cause what appeared to be a shift in how they felt.

Other Side of Vine Street Book Cover

A young woman, an unfair father, a pair of spoiled siblings, and a shrouded secret, meet Anora, a talented young woman who saw the demise of her beloved grandparents a few months ago.

The subject of abuse from her father, Anora is pursuing an advanced degree but is being forced to leave herself behind and help her siblings to get through school. In hopes of getting her father’s love and the memories of her grandma, she is losing herself.

When Anora tries to recollect pieces of her life in her grandma’s house, she attracts strange events. Why does her father want to keep her away from her grandma’s estate? Who is the lady in her dreams? And what secrets do her grandma’s garden hold?

Walk down “The Other Side of Vine Street” with Anora, and join her on her journey to find freedom.

ESTRALIA is unique and unusual. Her perspective on life deviates from normal thinking. She is always probing to understand human nature and why humans do the things they do. She has traveled around the world and studied many cultures and family dynamics. She taught public school for many years. She is passionate about exploring the psychology of the human through creative writing.